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Petr vložil Petr, před 11 roky
Young Spirits - Belgian Classic TT 2012

Gedinne, a char­ming lit­tle vil­lage at the bor­ders of a nice pad­dock. On the edge of that pas­to­ral pad­dock a beau­ti­ful road that climbs and des­cends, tur­ning left and right, and which, for­ced by the logics of ben­ding and swee­ping in all kinds of direc­tions, ends up where it first star­ted. Which turns out to be very prac­ti­cal when you want to lap that road on your motor­cycle. Lap­ping this road seve­ral conse­cu­tive times you end up having a race, a beau­ti­ful race, a hot race! As eve­ry­body wants the che­que­red flag first all ends up in the heat of the fight. And because of that heat they get thirsty, so some of them decide to mount a tent, put some tables and chairs in it, and a bar, of course.
Need­less to say that those guys were Bel­gian adepts of clas­sic racing motor­cycles. So they foun­ded a club they named CRMB (Clas­sic Racing Motor­cycles Bel­gium). An English name yes, because as good Bel­gians they thought it sounds bet­ter that way. We'd like you to know that the races are open to all pre 1972 motor­cycles and that you can take a one-off licence for this event, so there's no excuse not to come and join us in the most beau­ti­ful race of the year at the most beau­ti­ful Bel­gian race­track . Pass the mes­sage and see you all in Gedinne!

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Nezapomenu jak piloval odlitky kol. Dobrej chlap... vzpomínám 👍
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v roce 1971 se MS v Imole nejelo, toto je rok 1972